Stakeholder engagement software for renewable energy

Jambo was built for teams managing stakeholder and community engagement information.

For onshore and offshore wind, solar, and marine power projects, stakeholder engagement is a necessary part of the planning submission phase.

Jambo simplifies engagement information management, allowing you to focus on being a responsible developer throughout the lifecycle of your renewable energy project.

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Software built for renewable energy stakeholder engagement and community relations

Keeping track of all your stakeholder and community engagement information can be difficult.

If you can't demonstrate the engagement that occurred, you may have trouble getting projects approved.

Spreadsheets and sales CRMs aren't made for effective stakeholder data management. Jambo is Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software built to help teams manage all their stakeholder engagement information in one secure place.

Securely store and organize your renewable energy engagement data

Stakeholder engagement is essential to gaining social acceptance for your renewable energy project. 

  • Add all your contacts, such as port authorities and developers, fishing or coastal communities, landowners, NGOs, etc. 
  • Keep all information in a secure, central location, making sharing data with your team or organization easier.
  • Control user permission levels and limit access to confidential records.
  • If anyone leaves the team, ensure all your data is in one place to prevent knowledge loss.

Réduire les risques et établir de meilleures relations avec les parties prenantes

Ensure every conversation and interaction is documented so you can understand your stakeholders and build strong and lasting stakeholder relationships.

  • Consistently log communication records with your communities and key stakeholders throughout the planning and development of your project.
  • Ensure your organization has no gaps in engagement data so you can show all the engagement that occurred for planning submissions.
  • Prepare for a meeting by reviewing a stakeholder profile to stay consistent in messaging and avoid duplicate conversations.

Rester au fait des questions et des engagements

The noisy opposition can easily sidetrack your project. Track and address issues and commitments to help build trust.

  • At any stage, stakeholders can raise concerns that need to be addressed (landslides, noise, shadow casting, infestation, appearance, access, and even TV signal issues). Ensure you have a way to log these issues.
  • Track issues or concerns and review them by priority and impact to make sure you are dealing with the most urgent issues first.
  • During planning, permitting, and construction, commitments can be made to ocean users, such as marine communities or fishery liaisons. Ensure nothing is forgotten by logging and tracking all commitments made by your organization.
Jambo reports

Simplify reporting and easily demonstrate engagement

Make the reporting side of complying with renewable energy regulations easier. Ensure that insufficient engagement isn't a risk to your project during permitting.

  • In seconds, you can create reports that show all your documented engagements.
  • Use reports to show adequate engagement and satisfy regulatory reporting requirements (for BOEM submissions, etc.).
  • Create update reports for affected stakeholders or decision-makers.
  • Data can be used to show how feedback received through engagement was used to inform plans.
Régulateur de l'énergie de la Colombie-Britannique

“Support from the Jambo Customer Success team is provided very quickly. It is much appreciated in the fast-paced engagement world."

Responsable des relations avec les parties prenantes, régulateur de l'énergie de la Colombie-Britannique
Logo de Mercer International

"Jambo s'est avéré très utile pour gérer nos besoins croissants en matière de consultation. Le système suit chaque appel, chaque courriel et chaque réunion et nous aide à être transparents dans nos rapports réglementaires".

Gordon Whitmore, surintendant de la gestion des terres, Mercer International

"Through our use of Jambo, we are beginning to identify trends that will allow us to plan engagement activities that meet the needs of our community members more proactively."

Community Engagement & External Relations team, Canadian Provincial Health Department

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