Jambo for Outlook

Version 1.3.0 - updated April 2024


Jambo for Outlook allows you to log emails and events as communication records within your Jambo project. When using the Outlook add-in to create a Jambo communication record, you can complete additional fields, making a more complete record easier.

System requirements (v1.3.0 - updated April 2024)

Jambo for Outlook uses Outlook JavaScript API requirements set 1.12.

To see if your version of Outlook is supported, please visit this link.

Installing Jambo for Outlook

Install Jambo for Outlook from the Outlook Office Store, which can be accessed from your ribbon within Outlook.

Office Store

  1. Search for Jambo. 
  2. Click the 'Add' button on the store page.

If you can't install add-ins, you can contact your IT services. Jambo's customer success team can help your IT team get the information they need for admin-managed add-ins; email us at support@jambo.cloud

Accessing Jambo for Outlook

Once installed, you can access Jambo for Outlook whenever you view a new or existing email.

Outlook 2019 on Windows

In Outlook 2019 on Windows, Jambo for Outlook can be accessed via the ellipses (three dots) located in your home ribbon.

Accessing Jambo. Windows 2019

Alternatively, it might already be pinned to your ribbon.

Collapsed home ribbon

Collapsed Home Ribbon

Expanded home ribbon

Expanded Home Ribbon

Outlook on the web and Outlook on Windows (Microsoft 365)

In Outlook on the web and Outlook on Windows (Microsoft 365), Jambo for Outlook can be accessed via the ellipses (three dots) in the upper right corner of the email actions bar, next to the reply, reply all, and forward actions.

New Windows

From a new email, you can access Jambo for Outlook from the ellipse (three dots) located in the upper right corner of the email formatting ribbon.

New Windows.New Email

New Outlook on Windows (v1.3.0 - added April 2024)

You can access Jambo for Outlook from the Apps icon in the main toolbar in the new Outlook on Windows.

New Outlook on Windows

Once you open it, you can right-click on the add-in and select the pin to add the add-in to your toolbar.

New Outlook on Windows 2

You can also find it in the top right corner of your email/event.

New Outlook on Windows 3

Outlook 2019 or later on Mac and Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365)

In Outlook 2019 or later on Mac and Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365), you can access Jambo for Outlook from the upper ribbon or the ellipse (three dots) menu to the ribbon's far right.


Pinning Jambo for Outlook

Once opened, you can pin Jambo for Outlook in place, so you don't have to open the add-in every time you switch to a new email.

Pin the addin panel

Logging in to Jambo

To use Jambo for Outlook, you must log in to Jambo through the login screen on the add-in. Start by selecting which region your account is in, then click login.

logging in to Jambo Nov 2023

You will log in using the same credentials you use when logging in through your browser. If you are set up using SSO, you will use the same company ID and credentials.

Picture10    Picture11


When you click on the gear icon in the bottom right, you will see two options: Settings and Logout.

settings Jambo Nov 2023-1

If you click settings, you will see the following.

region settings Jambo Nov 2023

Here, you can change your default region. This will be automatically selected for you the next time you log in.

Logging out of Jambo 

To log out, click on the gear icon in the task panel's lower right-hand corner.

logging out of Jambo Nov 2023

Selecting your project

Once logged in, select the project you would like to log emails to. You may only access projects through Jambo for Outlook, where you have permission to create communications and contacts.


Logging an email to Jambo

With a project selected, you can log the open email to the project by clicking the "Log it in Jambo" button.


Logging it in Jambo will open the communication record form and allow you to add additional details.


The Contacts section will be populated automatically with individuals and organizations based on the emails in the From, To, and Cc fields. Existing contacts will be marked with a checkbox, and any checked contacts will be automatically added to the communication record. Contacts in the Bcc field will only be added to your record when creating a new email; any contacts in the Bcc field on emails you add from your sent folder will not be added. The Bcc field is not included in the PDF version of your email that gets added to Jambo as an attachment.


Contacts not in the project that will not be added to the communication record will show “Excluded Contact”

contacts Jambo Nov 2023

Automatic contact creation 

Automatic contact creation is a pack that is part of Jambo's suite of automatic record creation tools. This feature simplifies the process of importing contacts from automatic communication creation. It automatically creates and adds any missing contacts to the communication record being created.

If your account has automatic contact creation enabled, Jambo for Outlook, instead of “Excluded Contact,” will show “New Contact”.

automatic contacts Jambo Nov 2023-1

If you do not want to include that contact in the communication record, uncheck the checkbox to the left.

To ensure that the data entered is accurate, the automatic contact creation pack comes equipped with a feature that checks for duplicates. This feature uses the duplicate check permission, determining if contacts exist outside the current project. If the user does not have duplicate check permission, the automatic contact creation process will only search for contacts within the project. If the contact is not found within the project, it will create a new one.

However, if the user has duplicate check permission, the automatic contact creation will search the entire account to find any contacts with the same email address, and it will include the details linked to the contact for this project.

Automatic contact creation offers an email and domain exclusion list, which can only be edited by account admins. This feature prevents the automatic creation of a contact with an email address that is in the exclusion list or matches a domain in the exclusion list.

Please refer to Jambo's helpdesk documentation for more information on how to enable this feature.


If an email address is associated with a representative in your project, that email will only appear in the contacts section if that email address is already in the list of contacts in Jambo. The representative will automatically be selected in the representatives drop-down. 



The summary section in this field is the same as in the Jambo web application. Anything entered here will be added to the communication record summary in Jambo. 



The tags section in the form allows you to select from a predefined list of global and project tags or add new tags depending on the project's configuration.


Custom fields

All custom fields on communication records available for the project will be available here. If the field is mandatory, the user must fill it out before adding it to Jambo. NOTE: Only single-select, multi-select, and text entry custom fields are currently supported.



Attachments in the email will automatically be added to the communication. If you don't want specific attachments, you can selectively choose which attachments will not be added by simply clicking on the "-" next to the attachment. A PDF copy of your email will be added to the communication record attachment section in Jambo. The PDF will include all attachments from the email, even if you've chosen not to add it to Jambo.


Pack fields

Packs enabled on the project that include fields impacting the communication record are also available in Jambo for Outlook.

ACO pack


Ontario pack






Add to Jambo vs. trim and add to Jambo

Once you have completed all the necessary fields, you can choose to "Add to Jambo", which will add the entire email and the full conversation chain to Jambo, or you can "Trim and add to Jambo," which will take only the most recent email within the chain.


Inbound vs. Outbound Emails

When sending an email to a contact and using Jambo for Outlook to create a communication record at the same time, instead of logging the email after the fact, you can trigger the communication record creation process when you hit send by ensuring that the "Log to Jambo project when sent" check box is enabled. Jambo will confirm that the record has been created and let you know if you want to finish sending the email.


Checking for an existing record

When you select "Log to Jambo," Jambo will check to see if the email has already been logged in the project you are currently in.

Jambo checks:

  • Subject
  • Date and time
  • For at least one shared contact (email)

If all these criteria match, Jambo will determine that the record is already logged and suggest you check the communication record in Jambo before logging it again.

Adding an event to Jambo 

You can add calendar events to Jambo. To add an event to Jambo, the event must already be created. You can’t create a communication record in Jambo for an event during creation.

Jambo events 1

Jambo events 2

Open the event from the calendar view by double-clicking on it and open the Jambo panel via the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the event window.

From here, you can create a communication record for the event just as you would for an email. All the usual sections available when creating a communication record for an email are available for events, including a couple of extra sections not available in emails.

Details Section 

The details section highlights the information that Jambo will attribute to the communication record.

Jambo events 3

  • Subject - will become the subject of the communication.
  • Location - is added to the communication record locations section as a custom location.
  • Data and time - will become the communication's date and time. It's important to note that Jambo uses the beginning of the event in Outlook to set the date and time in Jambo. So, multi-day events will appear on the first day.

Communication Method 

Jambo events 4

Since events can be anything, you can also set the communication method when working with events. It's important to remember that the communication method field is required, and Jambo cannot create a communication record for you without this information.

Jambo events 5

Inbound Events 

Once you've added an event you're invited to, you can add the event to Jambo the same way you add an event you created yourself.

You can also add events that've been forwarded to you. As you don't appear on the event invitation list, Jambo can't automatically assign you as a representative. You must update the representative's list before saving the communication record.

Events Already Added to Jambo (v1.3.0 - updated April 2024)

Since events can have many Jambo users as attendees, before allowing you to log the event to Jambo as a communication record, Jambo will check to see if the record already exists in the project, even if the event wasn't logged to Jambo by you.

Events already added to Jambo

If Jambo finds an existing record, you can make changes to the event, change the fields, and update the record right away by clicking 'Update Jambo now 'or when you send out the changes. This makes it easy to update the record right away.

Note: Updating a record is only available for events and not for emails.

Field Changes (v1.3.0 - added April 2024)

Whenever changes are made to a field, the section will show an updated icon to indicate that changes have been made.

Field changes 1

Newly added contacts will be highlighted with an (!) indicator.

Newly added contacts

Removed contacts will be highlighted with an (X) indicator.

Removed contacts

Field changes will be highlighted with text saying the field has been updated.

Field changes

Changes Detected Warning (v1.3.0 - added April 2024)

Changes detected

You may see this warning pop up from time to time. This occurs when someone edits the same record in Jambo while you are trying to edit it in Outlook at the same time.


Why did I lose my work when I closed the task panel in the add-in?

If you close Jambo for Outlook after entering information, you will lose that information when the Jambo for Outlook task panel reloads. Please finish and send your Jambo record before switching to a new email. Or pop the email out into a new tab.

My contact doesn't exist in my project; what do I do?

If your contact (Individual or Organization) isn't found, please log into Jambo online and add the contact to your account and project before you use them in Jambo for Outlook. If need be, you can always add them after the fact to the record in Jambo.

I created a record for an email from my sent folder; why didn't the add-in pick up those contacts in the Bcc field?

Outlook add-ins cannot pick up emails that appear in the Bcc field after the email has been sent. When sending an email with contacts in the Bcc field you would like included on the Jambo communication record, create the record while you compose the email.

Uninstalling Jambo for Outlook

You can uninstall Jambo for Outlook at any time via the Microsoft Office Store, which can be accessed from your ribbon in Outlook.


  1. Once you have opened the Microsoft Office Store, navigate to "My add-ins" from the navigation on the left-hand side.
  2. Scroll down to Jambo for Outlook. Select the three dots located in the bottom right corner of the Jambo for Outlook card.
  3. From the available menu, select remove.

Are you looking for more help? Please check out the Jambo Knowledge Hub or contact our Customer Success team.

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